SAP Security how to create a Authorization group for Table and Program

A) Authorization Group Creation for Programs:

1.    Go to SM30 and go to table V_TPGP
2.    Click on Maintain button.
3.    Click on New Entries.
4.    Give Application , Auth Group name and its description.
5.    Click on Save .
6.    On clicking SAVE button, it will ask for TR creation. Create TR using CR provided.
7.    Authorization is created successfully. Move TR to other systems to get Authorisation groups created.

B) Authorization Group Creation for Tables:

1.    Goto SE54
2. Give TDDAT table name
3. Select Authorization Group radio button and click on Create/Change
4. Click on Maintain Button
5. Click on New Entries
6. Give Auth Group name and its description.
7. Click on Save.
8. Create TR for authorization group

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