Aadhaar Letter for Bank Account opening in India | Open Bank Account with Aadhaar Letter (RBI)

 Aadhaar Letter for Bank Account opening in India | Open Bank Account with Aadhaar Letter (RBI)

Reserv Bank on India (RBI) has Announced that Aadhaar Letter is accepting for Bank Account opening in India and RBI has release a press Notification Letter for Aadhaar Letter as an officially valid document for Bank Account opening in India, up to now there is a confusion  in public whether “Aadhaar Card is acceptable for Banks to open a Account” or not,  but now it is cleared by RBI.

As per RBI Guide lines Now Aadhaar Letter is acceptable for all Nationalised Banks like State Bank f India (SBI), SBH, Andhra Bank, ICICI Bank Ltd, HDFC Bank Ltd, Axis Bank Ltd,OBC, Karur Vaysya Bank, ING Vysya Bank,Citi Bank all banks are on the track to accept Aadhaar Letter as valid document as ID Proof and Address proof for opening savings bank Account or individual, proprietor Current Account.

Open Bank Account with Aadhaar Letter
RBI Aadhaar Letter for Bank Account
‘’Open a Bank Account with Aadhaar Letter ‘’ is easiest way lots of peoples are enrolled for Aadhaar card still they not at received their Aadhaar Card, so with the help of Aadhaar Acknowledgement number you can ‘download Aadhaar Letter’  online which contains UID (Unique Identification Number) on it with your photo and all information of Applicant. How to open a Bank Account with Aadhaar Letter

‘How to link Aadhaar with Bank Account’ to link Aadhaar to Bank Account just you need to visit the Bank and ask them ‘Aadhaar updation form with Bank Account’ then fill all details and attached                                                              Aadhaar copy or Aadhaar Letter to Banks and update it .

Once you update the update your Aadhaar details with Bank Account then ‘’Aadhaar (UID) unique identification number eliminate frauds and AML Anti Money Laundering activities’’. So it is a better way to stay safe your Banking Transactions with Aadhaar Letter UID unique identification number only.

So hurry open your Bank Account with Aadhaar Card/Letter and do safe Banking. All the best…..

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