Aadhaar card have date of birth (DOB) Soon

Aadhaar card have date of birth (DOB) Soon

Now a days Aadhaar cards only given Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will plan for Aadhaar have date of birth (DoB) now. Up to now, UIDAI planning for issue the Aadhaar card with full fledge information the Aadhaar to identity and filtering the data on individual levels.

Till now the Aadhaar cards did not have date of birth (DOB) so any one can not acceptable this document for age proof. TOI has reported the issue Aadhaar shows age of a person, date of birth was missing.

So without (DOB) Date of birth on Aadhaar card does not accepted for Age proof for mobile companies and any companies so some companies are asking to produce additional documents for Identity proof and address proof.

According to Times of India Aadhaar not valid as Identity proof for many companies why because on Aadhaar card don’t have BOD so UIDAI now planning to i.

So sonly we will get Aadhaar with Date of birth (DOB) in 2013 or 2014 hurry up up for new adhaar with DOB .