Update, change aadhaar card wrong and incorrect information update 2013 last date

 Receiving a number of complaints and incorrect details recorded in the database and the UIDAI has finally decided to allow the people with the facility to make changes or correct any wrong/incorrect detail/information they have found with there Aadhar card now if they have got wrong name, date of birth, address, gender and mobile number related with your Aadhar card Number,
you can find correction in that and make changes and correction to all your personal  incorrect details. The process for making correction is very simple & can be done both online and offline, Below  simple steps you can update your wrong Aadhar card details through our uidai site and  you can send request via  post to make changes and correction in your personal aadhar card  details. And you can update your aadhar card details up to 4 times till 2014 March.

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For updating and changing your aadhar card details you need to login and the enter your aadhar card number and OTP sent to your registered mobile.
For updating and changing your aadhar card details