Micropayment through Aadhaar Latest | UIDAI Aadhaar Vision on Micropayments News

     Micropayment through Aadhaar Latest | UIDAI Aadhaar Vision on Micropayments News 

Micropayment through Aadhaar Latest

Aadhaar Latest updates Micropayments through Aadhaar details are here in the below outlined by UIDAI Adhaar
UIDAI Aadhaar vision to reduce the physical closing of customers to banks with the implementation of Micropayments  through Aadhaar form anywhere like from home or internet, mobile phones and all possible respective ways.
Last few years our Indian country go  through several transformations in economic and financial policy system at this stage we have increase growth of our financial and general markets with the good regulations
Banking   technology such as core banking, ATMs, and mobile connectivity have also had huge impact on banking. Mobile phones in particular present an enormous chance in spreading financial services across the India. The all technologies have abridged the need for banks to be physically close to their customers, and banks have been as a result able to experiment with as long as services through internet as well as mobile banking. These options, in addition to ATMs, have made banking accessible and affordable for many urban non-poor residents’ peples across the states.
As well challenges of access and identity, a third limitation has been the cost of providing banking services to the poor people who transact in smaller amount commonly referred to as micropayments.
bank consider such payments unattractive because transaction costs may be too high toward bear.
UIDAI Unique Identification number Aadhaar which identifies individuals uniquely on the basis of their demographic information and biometrics it will gives individuals to clearly build their identity to public and the private agencies across in country.
UIDAI Unique Identification number Aadhaar also create an chance to deal with the existing limitations in financial addition.  Aadhaar can help poor people easily establish their identity toward banks then banks will be able to expand their branch-less banking deployments and reach out to a wider population in lower cost to gain.
The well-organized cost effective payment solution is a dire need for promoting financial addition. The UIDAI Aadhaar and the supplementary authentication mechanism coupled with basic technology application can provide the desired micropayment solution. This can bring low-cost right of entry to financial services to everyone, a short distance beginning their home

Main features of Aadhaar enabled micropayments are:

(KYR) UIDAI Know Your Residence adequate for Know Your Customer (KYC) with KYC documents only you can open bank account and do transaction in India
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