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Twindocs  is a online service to receive and file your most important documents and files , personal data allows to store and manage any type of document uploaded by you and received from any other user and sender in Twindocs account users
How to create Twindocs account :
For this just you need to login official websit of Twindocs www.
Enter your name and e-mail address
And give the password click on create account
Then Twindocs team will sent you conformation link to your mail id click and confirm

Benefits of Twindocs account
1.       Twindocs gives you personal inbox for you to store data files and upload files
2.       And send upload download files to your colleagues
3.       Access your inbox internet  through terminal connection
4.       Now a day’s lots of peoples worried about storage of personal and business data in their pc’s and laptops
5.       For that peoples are more befitted with twindocs .
6.       Twindocs is a website its store any unlimited data so don’t worry about security it will secure your data files reports Twindocs accept any type of format files  for this you just register with Twindocs creat account in Twindocs and save your pc laptops desktop computer memory
7.       You can also have a option to share your use full data to anyone within you circle
8.       And you can print any type of document and send to any one through twindocs
9.       In twindocs you have large storage pace given by twindocs team and you can use it for personal
10.   Contacts document those comes from you when you receive documents from other companies
11.   The protect it very safe

for more detailed information about twindocs please   watch this video :