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SEO means Search Engine Optimization meaning optimizing altering website so as to rank (high) top in search engines and in other hand
SEO is a technique helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search results,SEO therefore helps you get traffic from search engines. 
Search engine optimization SEO is the process of affect the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's as to top rank
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Mainly SEO further divided in to two categories they are ON Page OptimizationOFF Page Optimization.

ON Page Optimization:
In this, the changes are made within the website to rank top in search engines like google and other search engines
The primary and the most important task is to know what kind of site we are developing, what is the content in it and what are the search keywords we are targeting for the top ranking in search engines like Google
Step 1 :- Choose your interested topic on which your are going to open a website and do SEO to that website. How To create a free blog
Step 2 :- Choose the set of keywords, for which you want to rank top (high)in search engines.Now, it is very important part of SEO to choose the right keywords for your website or blog, keywords that you are targeting must be related to the content of your website and for which top rank in search engines is easy to achieve and at the same time the keywords should have maximum searches so maximum traffic.
After one has decided with the type and the content of your website, decide with the keywords that are related to the content of your blog or website.a tool which would identify and tell us the set of keywords for which ranking in google or for that matter in any search engine, is easy to achieve and has good amount of traffic.the tool for this is 'Google keyword tool'Google Keyword Tool:- This tool is used for keyword researching, with this tool one can easily know the competition and traffic a particular search term gets.Based on these results we can roughly estimate the time frame in which we can get the top rank, how easily we can get the top rank and how many visitors we can expect to our webpage once we get the top rank high for that particular search term.

Go to : andout
here please enter your list of keywords or topics.
Enter your keywords in the keywords column and click search then, tick the 'exact option' on the left side.
Herein you can see thousands of keywords that are related to the content of your blog website, choose the set of keywords where the traffic is maximum and at the same time the competition is less, it is ideal to choose the keywords where the comptition is below 20%.
Write the list of such keywords and then choose the keyword in the list that has maximum traffic, as your domain name, at times such domain names might not be available so, atleast see that your domain name starts with those words.
To check the availability of domain names visit any domain registration website :- eg.
On page optimization involves changing the html code of the website's every page which wants to rank top (high) in search engines.
It  basically  involves  changing  of  Meta  tags,  Title  tags,  Header tags, font decoration, image alternative text, related videos, etc...
Now, Firstly, choose set of keywords that are related to the content of your blog or  \website.
Before we discuss about both the types of optimization, domain name and domain page urls make an important part in the SEO.
Things to know before you choose your blog or website name:-
1.See that your blog or website or website page names are the starting words of the 'keywords' you are targeting, a keyword is the search term in any search engine. Eg. 'Tollywood'
The order of importance of html tags for SEO is arranged in the ascending order as follows :-
Step 3 :- Title tag
<Title> Tag :- These should contain anywhere between 65-100 letters, these are the words that should start with your keywords, the title of a webpage is displayed in the title of the website, in google organic search, the title of the website is displayed in the first line of the each result in blue colour, the title has to be interesting so that the reader is attracted to open the website. There should be only one title tag per webpage.
The google reads the first 65 characters of your web title.
Your title must start with the keywords that you are targeting to perform well in all search engines.

Syntax of tittle tag:
The must have the keywords that you are targeting in the first 65 characters.
title tag is present anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags of your webpages.
Changing the tittle tag in the blogger:.
Under any blogger or site click on Design --> Edit HTML --> just after the <head> tag give the title of your homepage.
Like this word press for site tags also you need to cahnge the tags and as well as decorate the keyword tags and check the key word density with the help of key word checker.
seo on page optimization

OFF Page Optimization:
In this, the changes are made outside the website to rank top in all search engines.
To add your url or blog to the Google web directory, go to and submit you website. Within, 24-48 hours your site will be added in the Google search engine.
To   submit   site   to   all   the   major   search   engine   directories   go to and fill the submit form. To check whether your site is present in the search engine directory or not:-
just type in the search bar of any search engine:- site:"your website address"
eg:-    site:-
Note :- No spaces in between there
If the results are shown then it is present in the search engine directory otherwise it not present
Google webmaster tool:
This is available at the address sense
this tool is designed for the SEO Experts, in this tool one can,
    Submit the site and all its WebPages to Google search engine.
           You can analyse your site performance in the search engine.
You can check your site ranking for various keywords in the google search engine
You can check your website's keyword density 5.You can check your backlinks.
You can get suggestions to improve your site's visibility in search engines
You can have control over the google visiting to your site.
Like this you need to go with google analytical tools and all
So in this way your site oar blog will rank high in the all search engines
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